Introducing Goldie Santiago

Learn about the daring adventures of this New York-based cake decorator as she takes on the pastry world one cake (or cupcake) at a time. Since a child, Goldie Santiago has loved cakes and thanks to her family recipes, she has made a name for herself as one of the tastier cake makers in New York.


Goldie Santiago – New York.


Though Goldie Santiago is known for her cakes in New York City, it is time to branch out and express her artistic creativity and passion for pastry nationally. Whether you are a cake decorating enthusiast, a Goldie Santiago fan or simply stumbled upon this site looking to see what it is like to be a cake decorator, you will feel at home.


Goldie Santiago is more than just an avid cake maker. With hobbies and interests that span much further than the bakery, she has developed a well-rounded sense of life and passion – all of which translate into her cakes for customers throughout New York. Currently operating Cake Lady of New York, Goldie Santiago provides cakes, cupcakes and custom pastry treats to thousands of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut residents each year. Her custom cakes and edible treats have spread as far as Rhode Island and with her success in Cake Lady of New York, Goldie Santiago has more than proven herself as an up-and-coming, powerful female role model for women throughout the United States.  Though still operating Cake Lady of New York, Goldie Santiago hopes to start up new ventures with the people and contacts she meets through her online social experience.


With her life experiences and passion for food, Goldie Santiago is ready to branch out and share with the world just who she is and what has made her the successful cake decorator she is today. From experiences with her grandmother to her life in pastry school, Goldie Santiago has a lot more to share than a slice of cake.


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